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Summer Strength


8 weeks of sweaty 30 min workouts to get you through that non-routine summer life


Summertime: absolute best for patio drinks, family BBQ's, lake time, & ice cream strolls.

Summertime: tosses routine out the window.

Getting to your favourite gym doesn't work when you're camping or lakeside.

Non-stop summer activities means 1-2 hours at the gym is a no-go.

Kids are off for the summer? Bu-bye personal time.

But you know your mental sanity depends on getting in some sweaty endorphin-pumping workouts.

Like, maybe after the 3rd family reunion in 2 weeks...

Or after an all-day travel day with kids. (Human or furry or both).

Or simply because you just need a little alone time, to be with nothing but your music and some weights.

The 8-Week Summer Strength Program was made for you.


What's Included

8 week program: 2 met-cons + 1 glute & core workout per week. You can join at ANY time.

Efficient full-body 30-min (max) workouts, with video instruction for each.

Portable & packable equipment requirements: dumbbells & bands. Options are given if you don't have bands.

Modifications provided for more challenging movements. Plus, advanced options given if you're looking for more.

Warm-ups & cool-downs provided.

PDF provided for all workouts, warm-ups, and cool-downs. Space provided on printable workout PDF to record your rounds and weights used.

Each workout will be completed twice throughout the program to test your strength, improve form, and increase your efficiency.

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This course is for you, if:

  • You want to take the guess-work out of what to do in the gym.

  • You have limited time and need efficient 30-minute workouts.

  • You have basic experience with strength training, and can perform basic squats, deadlifts, and know your right from left.

  •  You have limited space and equipment, and want to be able to take your workouts to the lake, campground, or in-law's basement this summer.

  • You know you are a better person to be around if you are getting in regular movement.

This course is NOT for you, if:

  • You just asked, "What's a dumbbell?"

  • You want to spend an hour or more in the gym.

  • You want 1:1 accountability from your coach - this is a DIY course. 

  • You really want to use barbells and pull-up bars and rings and kettlebells. This is a dumbbells only program for convenient summer workouts.


A little about me

I'm Nicole, a mom, personal trainer, and athlete. I come from a sprinting background, where duration is short but intensity is high - you won't find endurance programs here;)

I've drawn on my experience coaching many women from 20-40 years old, some during pregnancy, many postpartum, plus the numerous continuing education courses I've completed, a sample of which include: Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism, CrossFit Level 1, Postpartum Fitness Specialist, NCCP Weightlifting Level 1 Coach in Training, Precision Nutrition Level 1 & 2, rounding out with over 300 hours of yoga teacher training.

I understand the need to squeeze in workouts for your sanity, because trust me, I am THERE. My focus on getting workouts in has shifted greatly to the need from a mental health perspective. Sweating is my outlet. It keeps me sane. It relieves anxiety and keeps depression away. It's my time. And I love the strong and accomplished feeling when I'm done.

This course was made to allow you to still get those necessary things in for YOU this summer, in small, short, sweaty, doses. 



This program is awesome! I’m not a beginner but not advanced either, and found it to be the perfect fit! The workouts were challenging but still easy to follow. Can’t wait to sign up for the next program!
— Kaylee
I was unsure what to expect with an at-home/online course but the Summer Strength program far exceeded my expectations! It had me sweating and sore (in a good way), provided lots of variety and kept me motivated for the whole summer.
— Erin
I have really enjoyed the Summer Strength series. I love that the workouts can all be done at home and that there are videos for all of the exercises and modifications.
— Glenda